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Treasury of health,
hidden in nature.
In the past, man looked for substances to relieve his illnesses primarily in nature.

Modern western science remarkably rised and flourished in the 19th century.  Medicine and pharmacy originally produced active substances from nature (plants and minerals). Subsequently science replaced these active substances by artificially synthesized chemical substances and created modern medicine. With very rare exceptions, it forgot the hidden potentials of the kingdom of higher fungi.

Majority of studies focused on lower fungi (molds) because it is the main source of antimicrobial drugs that are used today. Higher fungi makes up "mushrooms" while the lower ones makes up "molds" and these are totally different kingdoms that  should not be confused. Due to prejudices of the past and trends in the industry, higher fungi was not studied so much or only rarely dealt by pioneers and enthusiasts. In the East, especially in China and Japan this area has been given importance and included in modern science because of the traditional usefulness and diversified heritage.
Sloveni is a "mushroom nation"  but most Slovenians only knows popular variety of mushrooms like 'porcini' and 'chanterelle' and only some knows other species. Walking through the forests, numerous potentials for the total healing of some diseases are ready to be discovered.

The healing effects of mushrooms are known and more or less documented among different civilizations, mainly in Asia and South America and other parts of the world for a thousands of years now. However, cultural and historical factors had a different effect on the current perception and acceptance of this highly complex field.

Mushrooms are often seen as a source of the so-called superfood. The media definition of superfood in the United States states that it is food that helps to relieve some health problems. Among others, to help fight cancer, to help regulate the immune system and so on. Therefore, they are a potential source of food in this fast changing world and time that we live in.

Useful substances to human beings, animals and plants found in fungi are due to neglect and underestimation of this branch of science less known to a wider circle of public. Our mission is to change this perception for the benefit of all living beings with whom we share this wonderful planet Earth.

Oyster mushrooms

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