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About the IAMB Institute 

The Institute of Applied Mycology and Biotechnology (IAMB Institute) founded by Janez Gorenšek is active in the field of applied mycology and biotechnology. For more than 16 years, he has been intensively involved in identifying and isolating mushroom cultures and developing applied technologies in the field of mycology together with its applications for medical, ecological and food purposes.

The IAMB Institute actively connects with domestic and international related institutes and organizations. Thus, it operates in the field of scientific and research activities formally and informally on various types of projects. The institute focuses in the following areas:

Research activities
The IAMB Institute carries out the following research activities:

  • scientific research in the field of applied mycology and biotechnology

  • developing and maintaining a bank of cultures of economically and ecologically important higher fungi

  • conducting own laboratory activities for the needs of carrying out scientific research activities as well as the development of applied mycology field

  • research and development of new isolations and maintenance of fungal cultures from the natural environment for industrial use and a good reference for the future generations

  • development of isolation techniques of bioactive fungal molecules.


Educational activity
The IAMB Institute is actively involved in educating of the professional and general public about healthy diet with the emphasis on mushrooms as a food of the future and its potential and useful properties in order to raise awareness.

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